Mobile Services For Dogs & Their Owners - FAQ - Georgetown, DE
Mobile Grooming FAQS
Do I have to be home when you groom my dog?
This is the GREAT thing about mobile grooming...NO!  
The first time I do ask that you be home to introduce me to your pet and discuss what you want and any problems or health issues you might want to address. After that, if you are comfortable with the service and you feel your pet won't have a problem, I can come groom your pet while you're away at work or whatever else you need to do!  You can come home to a clean professionally groomed pet without having to schedule your entire day or day off around a groomer's schedule!  No more waiting all day for the call your pet is finally done!
I can come to your home or work!
How long does it take to groom my dog with a mobile service?
Depending on what the breed is and the style, a simple bath/brush on a short haired dog can be usually be completed in less than an hour depending on size and temperament.  Longer coated dogs take considerably longer as it takes longer to dry and brush them out.
Full grooms usually run a minimum of 1 hour to 2-2 1/2 hours. Again this will greatly depend on breed, size, coat condition, type of groom desired and temperament.
Do you bathe or groom cats?  
I can groom most well mannered cats. Though with cats that are not well behaved I cannot promise anything..
Is there a weight limit on the pets you service?
No, not at this time.  Heavier dogs have the option of using steps / ramp to get in and out of the tub and on the table.  As long as your dog doesn’t mind using those devices I would love to groom them!
What types of products do you use?
I made a commitment to myself that the products and supplies used in this business would not be governed by price. I do not buy the cheapest or most cost-effective products on the market.  Instead, I shop for products that have stood the test of time and that I have personally used, or that are the most advanced products available.
Based on my initial interview with you, and the condition of your pet's skin and coat, I will recommend the best product for your pet. I currently carry high-quality all-purpose shampoos and conditioners, hypoallergenic products, medicated products for various skin conditions, and products to kill fleas and ticks.    
Do you require vaccinations?
I do require up to date rabies vaccinations.  By law all dog bites requiring medical attention must be reported by the treating physician to the state.  The state of Delaware requires all dogs to have a rabies vaccine. (If you know your pet has ever bit anyone, the vet, another groomer, etc PLEASE let me know so I will know which precautions to take with your pet!)
At what age should I start grooming my puppy?
Puppies are usually ready to be groomed as early as 12 weeks old.  You can help your puppy's first grooming experience by working with your puppy at home. Get him/her accustomed to being handled by touching their feet and face, then brush, brush, brush!
Usually I recommend your puppies first few grooming be more of bath and a clean up before a fullgrooming.
Do you offer tooth brushing or scaling?
No, I do not.  Scaling is a veterinary procedure and must be performed under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian only!  I do not offer teeth brushing as doing it only once every few weeks (or longer) is not going to be effective or cure bad breath or keep your pet's teeth/gums clean. The only way brushing teeth is beneficial for your pet is if it's done one or more times a week. 
I do not believe in offering a service that will not make a significant difference and charge you an extra amount for something that basically made no difference at all.  I will, however, inform you of any potential problems I feel might need the attention of a vet pertaining to your dog's teeth or gums.
Do you accept credit cards?
No, at this time I do not accept credit cards.  I accept cash and checks only.  There is a $35 returned check fee on all returned checks!